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PRINCE2® Processes


PRINCE2 provides a process model for managing a project. This consists of a set of activities that are required to direct, manage, and deliver a project.
Starting up a Project:

Covers the pre-project activities required to commission the project and to gain commitment from corporate or program management to invest in project initiation by answering the question: ‘Do we have a viable and worthwhile project?’

Directing a Project:

Describes the Project Board’s activities in exercising overall project control. The activities focus on the decision making necessary for Project Board members to fulfil their accountabilities successfully while delegating the day-to-day management of the project to the Project Manager.

Initiating a Project:

Describes the activities the Project Manager must lead to establish the project on a sound foundation. Every PRINCE2 project has an initiation stage. The key deliverable from this stage is the Project Initiation Documentation, which includes an overall Project Plan and defines baselines for the six project performance targets of time, cost, quality, scope, risk, and benefits.

Managing a Stage Boundary:

Describes the activities the Project Manager must undertake to provide the Project Board with sufficient information to enable them to review the success of the current stage, approve the next Stage Plan, review the updated Project Plan and confirm continued business justification and acceptability of the risks.

Controlling a Stage:

Describes how the Project Manager manages the project execution/delivery activity during a stage, and reports progress and exceptions to the Project Board.

Managing Product Delivery:

Addresses the Team Manager’s role in supervising the detailed work of creating the project’s products and provides the link between the Project Manager and the teams undertaking the project work.

Closing a Project:

Describes the closure activity towards the end of the final stage of the project. The Project Manager leads the process which provides for an orderly decommissioning, including any remaining project acceptance and handover requirements.

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