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Project Scenario – Music Album Project

A small independent record company is working with a new singer with the objective of releasing their first album.

The record company will undertake a project to produce the ‘album ready for launch’. The singer has already written the  songs. Contractual negotiations between the singer and the record company will be outsourced to a legal firm. The record company has booked studio time with an external producer and has hired a graphic design company to produce the artwork. The album
will be released through established delivery channels, for example it will be available to download or buy on CD. They have decided that the promotional video and launch event are outside the scope of the project. However, the plan for the launch event will be produced by an external events company as part of this project Initially, some sample songs will be produced to allow the internal Marketing Manager to check with focus groups that the music has a market, because the music industry is a highly
competitive business.

The duration of the project is 10 months and the budget is £100,000.

  • Stage 1

Initiation stage

  • Stage 2

Signed contract
Recorded sample songs
Focus groups report

  • Stage 3

Recorded album

  • Stage 4

Registered artwork
Signed contracts for delivery channels
Launch event plan
Project product: Album ready for launch

Additional Information

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the record company obtained finance from external investors to establish the company 10 years ago. He travels around the world to identify singers and groups to contract and then delegates their management to the Vice President

The Vice President supervises the production of albums and associated products. Her annual bonus depends on the success of this project. She has no experience of using PRINCE2.

The Production Manager, who reports to the Vice President, has successfully managed the delivery of several albums in the past, using a range of project management methods, including PRINCE2.

The Contracts Manager is a full-time employee of the record company and is responsible for ensuring that the contracts deliver the project. He is an experienced PRINCE2 project manager.

The Marketing Director is responsible, within the record company, for ensuring that marketing campaigns will deliver value for money.

The Marketing Manager is responsible, within the record company, for delivering marketing campaigns that will achieve the required sales of albums and associated products.

The Production Assistant is employed by the record company to assist the Production and Marketing Managers with documentation and communications.

The singer’s agent is negotiating the contract between the singer and the record company. He will have an ongoing interest in the terms of the singer’s contract.

The singer has not previously released an album. He has written a number of songs which may be recorded for this album.

The music lawyer is a specialist lawyer, contracted by the record company to ensure that the contracts, copyright, and project material are dealt with appropriately.

The Recording Studio Manager is an employee of the recording studio contracted by the record company to produce the recordings. He is PRINCE2 qualified.

The Graphic Designer is employed by an external graphic design company. She will produce the artwork for the album.

The Events Organizer will plan the release event for the album which will include a live performance of the songs by the singer. He has a lot of experience of planning and monitoring small projects.

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